Wine 101: Tour of Tuscany with Maurizio Farro

This past Thursday we were thrilled to welcome Maurizio Farro, founder of Cantiniere Imports and newly-minted US citizen, to the shop for an in-depth look at Tuscan wine. We saw some new faces as well as class ‘regulars,’ and it made for a fantastic evening.  Spending a couple of hours with our customers, some great wines, and delicious cheeses, is truly one of the most fun things we get to do here.


Every last wine showed beautifully, and while Carpineta Fontalpino was the main producer showcased, there were a couple of other gems as well.  What struck us most as we tasted our way from the snappy, red-fruited Colli Senesi all the way to the inky Dofana Super Tuscan, was the elegance, perfume, and freshness of these wines.

Marramiero’s Trebbiano was the refreshing, melon-scented wine we used to kick off the evening, despite the fact that it comes from Abruzzo, and it was so popular we’ve made it a part of our Global Whites section.

The Du Ut Des Super Tuscan was  a perfect example of this modern classic style – a step up in weight and power compared to the Chiantis without becoming leaden or monolithic.

Villa le Prata’s 2004 Brunello di Montalcino also deserves an honorable mention – rarely do we find a Brunello so reasonably priced that is ready to drink now. We did not need to fuss with this wine to get it to strut its stuff, nor did we need to engage in crystal ball machinations and envision what it would be 10 years from now to eke out any enjoyment. It was delicious right out of the bottle, just like we like it! Randy summed it up nicely: “It makes me want to write bad checks.”  Really, is there a higher compliment?



Thanks to everyone who made the first of our fall series of classes such a success.  If you weren’t able to join us, we hope you’ll make it to one of our upcoming classes and events, and peruse the links below to see what we so thoroughly enjoyed!

Marramiero Trebbiano Da Ma 2011

Carpineta Fontalpino Colli Senesi 2010

Carpineta Fontalpino Chianti Classico 2009

Villa Le Prata Brunello di Montalcino 2004

Carpineta Fontalpino Do Ut Des 2009