What We’re Drinking

Doug, in a continued effort to show us all up in the gourmet experiences department, had the lobster rolls from the Ad Hoc cookbook the other night, prepared by two of our favorite customers.  He said the secret to its deliciousness is that the rolls are toasted with an obscene amount of butter, but the lobster itself isn’t gloppy, providing the perfect flavor and texture contrast.  With this decadent sandwich, they enjoyed Sylvan Bzikot’s 2008 1er Cru “Les Folatieres” (here’s the 2009).  He says this wine is in a stellar place right now, providing the perfect marriage of richness and cut, and that the flavors are evocative of wines from famous producer Domaine Leflaive.

Randy brought the Pinot Bianco from Kellerai Kaltern and Vina Taboexa’s Albarino to a friend’s house for dinner.  They had these two fresh, mineral lovelies with homemade aoli served with a variety of cold cuts, green beans, and potatoes.  The acidity and bright citrus flavors of both of these wines did a great job of cutting through the richness of the meats and sauce.  Yum!

Despite the fact that she rails against the cliched pairing of red wine and chocolate – “it’s a bad pairing!  It never works, people just want it to work!” Diane had to eat her words when she had a few squares of Green and Black’s 70% chocolate with a glass of the Coudoulet de Beaucastel 2010.  It had already been open a day by the time she got to it, and the ripe, Grenache-y fruit flavors  exploded in the mid-palate.  It may not have been a textbook perfect pairing, but the chocolate and the wine both disappeared just fine.

What have you been drinking?