California’s Morlet Family Vineyard

morlet-family-vineyardsMorlet Family Vineyards recent releases have earned 96 and 97 points from Wine Advocate. The Advocate uses words like ‘electric’ and ‘triumphant’ to describe the two Chardonnays and Cabernet we are offering in our 2018 Small Business Saturday tasting, Nov. 24, 12-4 pm.

What makes these wines so special? On the surface, it’s that all are so very, very, very delicious. But it’s also pedigree. Luc Morlet learned wine growing up in Champagne and then honed his craft at Newton (he trained with John Kongsgaard before becoming winemaker) before becoming head winemaker at Peter Michael in 2001. There he followed in the footsteps of Helen Turley and Mark Aubert before leaving to start his own estate in 2006. Sir Peter Michael so valued Luc’s expertise and skill that he kept him on as his first and only consulting winemaker (helping his brother, Nick, who makes the wines today).

Luc morletLet’s just pause a moment and notice the names Luc is associated with:

Helen Turley (now at Marcassin)
Mark Aubert
Peter Michael

Can you find a more important list of California Chardonnay makers? Folks, this is one of California superstar winemakers. And his wines – as highly rated as they are – are actually even more impressive in your glass. These are not inexpensive wines by any definition, and our allocations are tiny, but this is a ‘do not miss’ chance to sample some of the most exciting New World wines we’ve tried in years.



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