Picnic Season

In honor of our upcoming picnic festival this weekend, we thought we’d share a few tips on eating in the great outdoors.  While picnics always sound wonderful in theory, in practice they can end in disappointment, with soggy food and forgotten items.

Be prepared.  Even if you’re just eating outside in your own backyard, take the time to pack everything you need.  If the wine you’re bringing needs a corkscrew, be sure and bring one!  Things like dressing for salad and a place to put any trash are also things that are often forgotten.  If you’d like something a little nicer than plastic glasses and don’t want to risk breaking your nice stemware in the wild, try our GoVino glasses.  Plastic, stemless wine glasses that even have a convenient indentation for your thumb!  They come in flutes, too, and are perfect for picnics or evenings at Wolf Trap.

Govino 2

Think pink.  Rose is a natural for picnics, and this Saturday we’ll be featuring a big part of our lineup of roses for this season.  Refreshing, but with just a bit more oomph than a white, they are the ‘little black dress’ of the wine world, and will go with everything from roast beef to fried chicken to pasta salad.  Beaujolais is another great choice, and is even more wonderful with a light chill.  If you’d like a little fizz with your picnic, an Italian red sparkler like Lambrusco or a lightly sweet Brachetto is a great match with salty cheeses and charcuterie.

More tips.  We loved this handy list from Bon Appetit, and food52 has a great recipe for a pressed sandwich whose punchy flavors and portability make it perfect for a picnic.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy food and wine outside?



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