What We’re Tasting: A Day of Surprises

Though we like to think of ourselves as seasoned, unbiased wine professionals, we do have a few prejudices.  Doug, for example, loves Carignan so irrationally that he can’t be trusted to taste it without a chaperone.  Diane and Randy love sparkling wine and Gamay so much that, left to their own devices, the store would consist of little else.

We’ve also got our dislikes, and can be a little dismissive of wines we’re sure we won’t like.  Today, two wines in our usual Tuesday onslaught of staff tastings stood out, not just because they were delicious wines, but because they were so surprising.  The first was a red Rhone-style blend from Grochau Cellars’ Washington State property that was an absolute dead ringer for something you’d find in the South of France.  We’ll be bringing it in soon, and it will surely find its way onto our tables at home as well.

The second really blew our minds, because we’ve all convinced ourselves that we just don’t like Pinotage.  This was not just Pinotage, but a Pinotage rose.  We were sure, looking at the price point and utilitarian label, that this was going to be a clunker.  We could not have been more wrong.  Keep an eye on your inboxes for news about this incredible South African rose.  It’s earned the use of that well-worn cliche: it’s a bargain at twice the price.


2 thoughts on “What We’re Tasting: A Day of Surprises

  1. South African wines for me are so hit or miss. It will be interesting to check it out if you have it at a weekend tasting! And, Washington is producing some really good Rhone style wines these days, but keep it a secret please!

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