What We’re Tasting – Old Favorites

Sometimes selling wine is like looking for an outfit in your closet.  It’s all too easy to reach for the same things over and over and forget about things you love.  Luckily, we re-taste almost everything when there’s a vintage change, and sometimes just because.  You know, for quality control.  And science.

Santa Barbara’s fantastic Verdicchio will be changing vintages soon, and as we tasted the 2012 a few days ago, we were reminded just how much we like this wine.  The higher-end Le Vaglie is wonderful, but the entry level is a whole lot of crisp, refreshing deliciousness for $10.99!

We also got a chance to try the new vintage of one of our perennial favorites, Dom Labbe’s Jacquere from the Savoie region in the French Alps.  Crisp, fresh and delicious, it calls to mind a pristine spring and fresh mountain herbs.  The 2012 is the best vintage yet of this, and we’ll be drinking it all spring!

Though we’re getting a bit more sunshine this week, nights are still chilly, which calls for a robust, warming red.  X Winery’s Red X blend is notorious for changing its unusual blend of grapes frequently, and this vintage, with a big slug of Dolcetto and Malbec, was even more interesting than usual!  We opened one up yesterday and were thrilled with its soft tannins and inviting, juicy fruit.  Perfect for a cold night, or some pizza!


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