What We’re Drinking: The Big Classics

When you lead a busy life, balancing friends, work, and a relationship, it’s easy to fall into a cooking rut, even if you’re someone who likes to cook.  You have a few standby recipes that you go to over and over without thinking much about them.  Or, worse, ‘dinner’ ends up being pita chips, hummus, baby carrots, and slightly over the hill white wine.  Not that any of us would do that…

Last week for Valentine’s Day, Lauren decided to bust out of that rut by embarking on a several-day cooking marathon to make an ultra-special dinner for her and her beau.  On the menu was none other than Boeuf Bourguignone, using Julia Child’s recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  With it she served a Jerome Chezeaux 1er Cru red Burgundy, but to start, she really pulled out all the stops and popped a bottle of Pol Roger 2000.  Served with a spread made from smoked salmon, fresh herbs, and cream cheese, the Pol Roger was toasty, focused, and had the perfect crisp finish to set off the creamy spread.  Yum!

She reports that the whole meal was fantastic, proving that sometimes you just need to go for it.  Pile on the butter, pull out that special bottle, spend all day cooking a crazy, involved recipe.  After all, you only live once!

Diane has been falling in love with another classic wine style, Madeira, and has been enjoying a sip here and there from the same bottle of Charleston Sercial from the Rare Wine Company for the past couple of weeks, proving that Madeira may just be the perfect after-dinner drink for the single guy or gal.  It is basically indestructible – you can keep the same bottle in your refrigerator for weeks on end, and know that the complex aromas and flavors will remain intact.  Perfect with a few nuts and cheese or a nice piece of chocolate after dinner.  If that sounds intriguing to you, join us for an evening of Port and Madeira on March 21st!  This past week we all tried the Broadbent 1996 Colheita, and it was so complex and amazing that we can’t wait to try more from the Broadbent portfolio on the 21st.

So, did you have anything special to celebrate Valentine’s Day or the holiday weekend?  Let us know!


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