Changes are Afoot!

If you stop in this week, you might notice that some of your favorites aren’t where you remember them.  Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy – we’re rearranging the store!

reset baskets

It all started with one of our new favorite Pinot Noirs from Vajra.  This juicy, crowd-pleasing Pinot from the famous Barolo producer made us think of the Sta. Rita Hills just as much as it made us think of Italy.  So, we decided to try sneaking it in with the other Pinot Noirs from California and Oregon as well as shelving it in its geographic home over in the Italy section.  Lo and behold, we found ourselves suggesting it to customers more than twice as much, because it was shelved with wines that tasted like it, not just wines that were grown in the same country.

We realized that by laying out the store according to where wines are from, we’re limiting what we suggest to you, especially when it comes to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  By placing Burgundy by itself in the back, we made it into the ‘scary expensive corner,’ and that’s the last thing we want to do with one of our favorite styles of wine!

Now, the store will be arranged largely by grape varietal, or at least grape varietal family, so Cabernets and Merlots will be near their Old-World counterparts from Bordeaux, and all of the wines made from “Rhonish” varietals like Grenache and Syrah/Shiraz, will be together.  We realized that this is how you think about wine, and it’s how we think when we’re suggesting wine for you to take home.  Rather than drag you all over the store to look at different styles of Chardonnay, why not have them all in one place?

reset javier and randy

Let us know what you think of the new layout, and be sure to thank Randy and Javier for all their hard work lugging around all those bottles.  As they say, those darn bottles wouldn’t be so heavy if they weren’t so full of wine!


2 thoughts on “Changes are Afoot!

  1. That’s how my wine cellar is laid out so it makes perfect sense to me! Thank you Randy and Javier. I’m sure a nice bottle of wine will help soothe those aching muscles.

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