Our First One Sip At A Time Class!

diane 1.13.13 003

We were thrilled to see so many new faces at our very first One Sip At A time class this past Thursday.  This first class, “Tasting and Talking About Whites,” focused on, you guessed it, white wines.  When learning to taste wine, whites are a great place to start, because of their lighter body and greater transparency.  The difference in aroma and flavor between a more neutral Pinot Grigio and a pungent, aromatic Sauvignon Blanc are very apparent when there’s no tannin or dark color to get in the way.

diane 1.13.13 004

By the end of the class, everyone was swirling and slurping with gusto, something that is usually tough to get new tasters to do.  People are generally too polite when tasting wine – you’ve really got to slurp to get all those flavors!

We tasted all the wines in pairs, starting with a white blend from one of our favorite Rhone producers, Philippe Plantevin, and an off-dry Riesling from Klemens Weber.  Then we moved on to our new favorite Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc from Henri Bourgeois.  This pair provided a great contrast between one of the so-called ‘neutral’ varietals, Pinot Grigio, and one of the ‘aromatic’ varietals, Sauvignon Blanc.  When you smell these side by side, there is no mistaking which is which!

diane 1.13.13 002

We ended with a pair of dueling Chardonnays, showing how different one of America’s most popular grapes can taste depending on whether it’s aged in oak barrels or not, and we learned where that ‘buttery’ flavor really comes from.  Thankfully, it’s not from that frightening stuff that comes out of a  metal canister at the movie theater (anyone else secretly love that stuff?), but it is the same aroma compound!

Thanks to everyone, new customers and loyal regulars, who made the evening such a success!  Your questions and comments are what make these classes so fun and informative.  Our next OSAAT (hey, we live in the land of alphabet soup titles, why should we be left out of the fun?) class will be on Valentine’s Day, and, fittingly, will focus on red wine basics.  It should be a fun and informative evening, whether you’re single or bringing your significant other for some romantic sipping.  We promise not to make you fill in those paper Valentines for everyone in the class…or will we?

Peruse the links below to see what you missed:

Dom Philippe Plantevin Cotes Du Rhone Blanc 2010

Klemens Weber Burrweiler Altenforst Riesling Halb 2011 (1.0l)

Kellerei Kaltern Caldaro Pinot Grigio 2011

Henri Bourgeois Sauvignon Petit Bourgeois 2011

Dom Thibert Macon Fuisse Bois De La Croix 2010

Girard Chardonnay Russian River 2011


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