One of Our Favorite Things (Besides wine, of course!)

DPC LRSS display

Yes, there’s more to life than wine – there’s chocolate, too!  And no one does chocolate better than Bailey Kasten and Double Premium Confections.  See for yourself – Bailey will be here Saturday to show off a huge assortment of her most popular treats, including the simply divine sea salt caramel truffle!

Though she is quiet and unassuming in person, Bailey walks on the wild side with her chocolates.  As sole chocolatier for Double Premium Confections, DPC for short, that she runs along with her husband Saif, she creates bold flavors for her bars and bon bons like Pumpkin Spice, Honey Vanilla Caramel, Rose, and Earl Grey.

By far her most popular creation is her Hawaiian Sea Salt Caramels: gooey, chewy caramel covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with Hawaiian sea salt, they are so addictive we find ourselves wondering is there is some secret ingredient (besides lack of willpower) that makes the box disappear so quickly!

Sweet and salty, spices and flowers – this is familiar territory in the world of gourmet confections at this point, but what makes Bailey’s interpretation of these flavors so bold is the way she translates them into her chocolates.  Entirely self-trained, she doesn’t rely on pastry school techniques, tried and true recipes, or pre-fab bases or flavorings.  All of her flavors come from the real thing.  If it says pumpkin on the box, there’s real pumpkin in your chocolate, and their chocolate bars with nuts contain whole, roasted nuts instead of broken, pulverized pieces.  She also doesn’t skimp on the chocolate, using a blend of two high-quality brands as the base for her creations.

Stop by the shop this Saturday to meet Bailey and try her delicious chocolates.  They make perfect stocking stuffers – or holiday shopping stress relievers.  We promise, you’ll be hooked!


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