Go Big or Go Home!

mazis big and little

We say it all the time, but it really is true.  Everything tastes better from a magnum (1.5 liter) bottle.  We know they can be a little bit intimidating, but don’t be scared!  Here are a few reasons why this holiday season, you should learn to stop worrying, and love the large formats:

They’re not as expensive as you think.  We have large-format bottles that start at $99.99 – a steal for a magnum of true Champagne.  We also have an incredible, 1er Cru Burgundy for less than $200.  See, not so scary!

Relax! It’s only two bottles.  Often when we suggest a large format bottle for a customer, their eyes get wide, and they say, oh, no, we couldn’t possibly drink that much!   A magnum is only the equivalent of two bottles.  If you’ve got six people coming over for a dinner party, that’s less than two glasses per person.  We  know, it looks decadent and crazy, and ‘too much,’ but that wine will be gone by the end of the night, we promise.

They’re not just for aging.  There’s a wine industry truism that wine ages more gracefully in larger bottles, but we’ve found that wine tastes better at every point in its life from a larger bottle.  The aging and oxidation process is slower and more graceful because there is a lower air-to-wine ratio in a larger bottle.  Wine is just happier in a larger bottle.

They look great.  Seriously, does anything look as wonderful as a big bottle of a favorite wine on a table surrounded by family and friends?

11.20.12 weinbach mags

They make impressive gifts.  Nothing will make that friend or family member who ‘has everything’ go ‘wow!’ like a big  bottle.  It’s festive and says, ‘invite some friends over and have a party!’

giant paillard stacked




They’re often overlooked.  Since the psychological barrier is so high on magnums (but not for you, since you’re in the know now!), you can often find really interesting, unusual wines in  large format that get snapped up in regular sizes right away.  For instance, we have these beautiful magnums from Dom Weinbach (these are available individually as well), two of which we don’t even have in regular-sized bottles.

So, if you’re scrambling for a great gift for someone on your list, or you want to pull out something impressive at your holiday party, go for a magnum!


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