Decadent, Creamy Cheeses From Vermont Creamery

Join us this weekend to sample four delectable cheeses perfect for the holiday season from Vermont Creamery.  Always one of our favorite artisan cheese producers, Vermont Creamery has been producing unique, artisan cheeses since the early 80s, long before handmade cheese was on grocery store shelves everywhere.  Starting from nothing but a small loan, they’ve grown into a hugely successful company, but still retain their relationships with local farmers to make their delicious cheeses.

Their Herbed Goat Cheese is the perfect ‘instant appetizer,’ for any party or holiday gathering, and it’s a slam-dunk pairing with two of our favorite Sauvignon Blancs: Bodegas Carrau‘s crowd-pleasing, tangerine-y take on the grape, and the crisp, citrusy, sophisticated-beyond its price-tag Henri Bourgeois.

Cultured Butter is another way to elevate the most ordinary dish or appetizer.  Last year at our Champagne class we served baguette rounds with butter, smoked salmon, and a grating of white pepper.  Super simple, and an amazing pairing with sparkling wine!  It’s good just spread on toast, of course, but it can really shine if used in an unexpected way.  Try some with a sip of the surprise Champagne we’ll be serving Saturday!

Cremont is always one of our most popular cheeses, especially when we have it out for sampling, and on Saturday, you’ll see why!  A mixture of cow and goats’ milk with a touch of creme fraiche, it’s decadent and creamy.  Its special, wrinkly rind gives the cheese a nutty flavor, and as it warms up it gets more and more oozy and delicious.  Try it spread on our cranberry or raisin walnut bread, or on a baguette with our apricot jam.  It’ll be perfect with the fun, fruity Villa Jolanda Holiday Prosecco we’ll have open for sampling.

Last but not least, you’ll be able to sample Bonne Bouche, the most popular of Vermont Creamery’s geotrichum-innoculated cheeses – what gives them their signature wrinkly rind.  When young, this goat cheese has fresh, citrusy notes, but as it ages, it becomes more nutty and complex.

Join us this Saturday to meet folks from Vermont Creamery and try their delicious cheeses, along with some great wines.  See you there!


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