What We’re Tasting: Bold Brews for Blustery Nights

We tasted two delicious new dark beers today, perfect for the holiday season.  First we tried an organic chocolate stout from Bison Brewing.  Based in Berkeley, CA, this organic brewery makes their Chocolate stout with real cocoa.  Rich, smoky and creamy with a dry finish, this would be perfect with bleu cheeses, cheesecake, or any chocolate dessert.  It would probably be pretty great with leftover pumpkin or pecan pie, too!

Next up was the Dragon’s Milk from Michigan’s New Holland Brewing company.  Part of their High Gravity series, this beer packs a serious punch, both flavor and alcohol wise!  Aged in oak barrels and vintage dated (2012 is the current release), Dragon’s Milk has a sweet, malty flavor and is rich and full-bodied.  The oak flavor really comes through!  This would be a great, unexpected match with pungent cheeses or rich pates, and would also shine with a variety of desserts.  Anything you pair with this needs to have an assertive flavor, though, because this dragon isn’t for the faint of heart!

Fall and winter always put us in the mood for bolder, richer flavors, and a dark beer like one of these can be a great way to satisfy that craving.  Stouts like these are great with desserts that have a full-bodied, nutty or smoky flavor.  Think chocolate, carrot cake, oatmeal cookies, and pumpkin or sweet potato pie.  Cheesecake is a winner, too!  What’s your go-to beer?  Do you have a favorite beer and food pairing?


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