Our “House Wine” Premiers!


Why does Doug look so happy?  If you’d just showed off your very own cuvee of Puligny-Montrachet to a packed restaurant of customers, you’d be pretty thrilled, too!  This past Thursday, winemaker Sylvain Bzikot and local superstar importer Olivier Daubresse joined us for a fabulous dinner at Mediterranee Restaurant for an evening of white Burgundy and a special menu by Jacques Imperato.

   The story of Cuvee de la Maison (mason means house in French – see what we did there?) all started back in January of 2011, when Doug was on his annual trip to Burgundy with impoter, Olivier Daubresse.  He’d decided he wanted to buy a barrel of Sylvain Bzikot’s wine, but when it came time to decide which of the nine barrels of Puligny-Montrachet he liked best, he was having a little trouble.  It was down to the final two, and he kept going back and forth, until finally Sylvain blended the two together.  Bingo!  So, what could he do but buy both?

Cuvee de la Maison is a single-vineyard Puligny-Montrachet from the Les Nosroyes vineyard, and Chef Imperato paired it with a scallop dish with beurre blanc.  This is the first wine Sylvain has ever made with 100% new oak, but no one, including many industry professionals we’ve poured it for, has guessed!  The fruit has completely absorbed the oak, and has remained mineral and delicate enough to pair with the sweet, subtle flavor of scallops.  With the extra bit of structure from the oak and the drive and intensity of the 2010 vintage, this is a wine that’s delicious now, but will go the distance as well.

We didn’t think it could get any better, but then came two vintages of Les Folatieres, 2006, and 2008.  Both were paired with a lobster and shiitake mushroom dish, and each wine paired differently, but equally well with the rich, savory dish.

   One of the many great things about dinners like this is that they allow us the opportunity to try older vintages of the same wine.  Very few importers keep back vintages of wines in their warehouses, and we are so lucky that Olivier Daubresse is one of them!

Towards the end of the meal Sylvain led us in singing a traditional song, and everyone joined in!

Thanks to Sylvain Bzikot, Olivier Daubresse of Vinifrance Imports, Jacques Imperato of Mediterranee restaurant, and everyone who came out and shared this incredible evening of wine and food with us.  Peruse the links below to see what you missed!

Bzikot Bourgogne Blanc 2010

Bzikot Puligny Montrachet Cuvee de la Maison 2010


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