What We’re Drinking

Schoolbuses may be back on the road, but we’ve still got a little more warm weather to enjoy.  And if you know us at all, you know that warm weather equals time for rosé! Diane tested our staff favorite rose‘s ability to go with almost anything by making some decadent burgers with bacon and sharp cheddar.  Ch Les Valentine’s passed with flying colors!

She’s not the only one in a rose state of mind.  Before Randy left for his annual vacation, he absconded with a case of Martinez Lacuetsa Rosato, probably the best value rose we’ve had all summer.  This all-Grenache number is just as good on its own sitting outside as it is with food.

Lauren enjoyed a few days at the beach with family and friends, and says the Round Hill Chardonnay was delicious with an outdoor crab dinner.

Doug has been loving one of our classiest grower Champagnes, Chartogne-Taillet.  When this very low-dosage bottling first arrived, it was delicious and impressive, but a little austere.  Now it’s relaxed, while remaining crisp and bracing, perfect for an impromptu dinner of cheese and crusty bread.

So, what have you been drinking?


2 thoughts on “What We’re Drinking

  1. Julie and I are still very much hung on Italian and Spanish wines. Spanish roses seem to be our favorite for the moment, including the Martinez Lacuesta Rosato. Pretty much anything pink and grenache (garnaxta) is fine in my book. During the hot summer, anything white and Italian has been great, with some particular fondness for whites from Veneto.

    We’ll have to give that Champagne a try. We celebrated a week 1 New England Patriots win with bottle of J Vineyards Brut 1997 late disgorged. It’s showing some interesting and elegant characteristics as it ages.

  2. Wow, I’ve never had anything from J from that far back – sounds great! We’ve heard a rumor that the Lacuesta Rosato might even be in screwcap next year, which makes me excited for next year’s rose season already…

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